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Painting Studio

As an artist, Elisabeth is happy to open her house and her personal gallery to art lovers. Lose yourself and get inspired…

Ask about her next painting workshop calendar. It will take place in an exceptional setting, the birth place of the neo-impressionist painters.

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About the painter

Elisabeth THOLEY-FREY is a French artist graduated from the Academy of fine Arts in Arendonk (Belgium), painting option. After 4 years of expatriation in the Netherlands and 3 years in Belgium, Elisabeth has also lived and worked in Zürich - Switzerland for 4 years.

Contemporary figurative style artist, she is drawing on her international experience with a global vision that improved her view and choices. Elisabeth likes to find her inspiration in the stories of everyday life that challenge or passion her: a street scene, a portrait, a harmonious composition. This perspective helps her public to escape and dream.

To draw your attention, she chose a direct and spontaneous style that is also characterizing her in life. Her touch, sometimes diluted or pasted, combines warm and bright colours. This leads to a vibrating light that she tries to capture in the Impressionist’s way. In her creations, she loves to play the contrasts of burnt umber, cerulean blue and loose brush stokes. She chose oil painting technique for its texture quality, its excellent glaze finishing, and its endless retouching possibilities.

The presence of the painters Henri-Edmond Cross, and his friend Theo Van Rysselberghe in Le Lavandou has marked the city cultural identity. Their villas are always there in St Clair. The beautiful landscapes of the region have been immortalized and romanticized in many of their pictorial works. These painters discovered and understood another light, an untouched southern nature, a more marine nature, and gave to neo-impressionism a new direction, another dimension. Fauvism was announced .

Elisabeth Tholey-Frey Artiste Peinture sur une terrasse

Elisabeth Tholey-Frey


17-20 September 2024

4-Days Workshop Devoted to
Art and Painting

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