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The Town that Gets the Most Sunshine in France: Le Lavandou

As you all know, long and difficult winters can take a toll on our spirits and affect our mood. Our good mood naturally returns with the comeback of the sun. Do you dream of sunshine to regain a zest for life and a healthy glow through a lovely tan? Are you looking for a sunny destination to spend your holidays and recharge your batteries? There's no need to fly to the other side of the world because the south of France is a region that naturally enjoys a high level of sunshine, rivaling even the most beautiful exotic destinations.

The 'Grand Bleu' at Villa Thalassa in Le Lavandou

Thanks to data from Météo France, the FUTURA SCIENCES website has just released its ranking. With pleasure, we learn that Toulon, the neighboring city, comes in second place among French cities with the best sunshine after Marseille. The Phocaean city takes the top spot with 2,858 hours of sunshine per year, equivalent to 170 days. In other words, Marseillais enjoy an average of 7 hours and 50 minutes of sunshine per day, slightly ahead of Toulon (2,839 hours, or 166 days of sunshine), Ajaccio (2,756 hours), and Nice (2,724 hours).

Why this longer sunshine than elsewhere and the absence of rain that could spoil your vacation? We are fortunate to benefit from the famous Azores anticyclone, which pushes away clouds and allows for calmer and more stable weather than elsewhere. In general, it is observed that the further south you go, the greater the chances of enjoying abundant sunshine.

So, as you've understood, don't miss the opportunity to come and spend some time in our beautiful region, especially in Le Lavandou, a charming seaside resort bathed in the light of the Mediterranean sun. Bet on a successful holiday with a clear blue sky without clouds for most of the year!